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Madewood Plantation House-Rear

6803-1 scanOld mansions are very difficult to maintain these days. Here, the rear of Madewood Plantation House is not quite as impressive as the front; strictly business! Madewood is in Assumption Parish, along Bayou Lafourche, near Napoleonville, Louisiana. The photo was taken in December of 2014 with a Nikon FTn Photomic 35 mm SLR equipped with a 50 mm f/1.4 Nikkor-S.C. Auto lens on Ilford FP4+ film. The negative was enlarged optically with a Beseler 23CIIXL enlarger and a 50 mm f/2.8 Schneider Componon-S lens on Ilford Multigrade Classic FB Double Weight Fiber Base silver gelatin photo paper. Processing was done archivally using Kodak chemistry, with a final toning with Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner, treated with hypo clearing agent, and washed in an archival washer.

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