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Brendan Quirk is a contemporary art photographer specializing in the art of black and white negative film photography and silver gelatin darkroom printing. This website has been constructed as a set of galleries to present to you a collection of silver gelatin photographic prints for your perusal. In addition to documentarian place-oriented galleries, conceptual series known as Sonatas are also presented. These Sonatas are individual series of prints expounding on a specific theme and accompanied by poetic text. Choose Galleries by selecting the image above, or select Galleries or Sonatas in the side (or bottom on mobile devices) navigation menu to see these categories. In each gallery, the individual photographs will be presented, along with individual pages for each and details on available prints. These prints are available for acquisition and collection, and instructions are provided if you should feel inclined.

See the Galleries or Sonatas for finished prints.

Scans and Digital Photographs are Imperfect!

It is very difficult to obtain scans and digital photos of silver gelatin prints that do justice to the originals. Please send me a message if you are interested in a print and would like better images. I will make a special effort to redo the images for you so that you can better evaluate the print!

If you have any comments, or suggestions please email me at, or use the contact page.

Updated 11/24/2022


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