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Brendan Quirk

The Cameras

Most of these photographs were taken with 35 mm cameras. Earlier photos were with a Ricoh Singlex TLS, which was replaced in the late '90s with a Nikon FTn Photomic. Lenses were either a 55 mm or a 50 mm, with the occasional use of a 135 mm telephoto. Zooms were never used. The film used was mainly Kodak Plus-X Pan, Panatomic-X, or Tri-X Pan. Some travel photos were taken on whatever Kodacolor was available at the time.

The Nikon and the Ricoh have been replaced in recent years with a variety of Minoltas, mainly the XD-11 and X-570. Lenses are the 28, 35, 50, 135, and 200 mm primes, with a very small use of zooms, mainly the 50-135 mm. Film is Ilford FP4+.

The last couple of years have seen a movement to medium format, specifically the Pentax 6x7 with the 45, 105, and 200 mm lenses. The future will see the introduction of large format, as a Sinar F1 4"x5" view camera has been added to the arsenal.

The Prints

All prints are optical enlargements on silver gelatin paper. No digital steps whatsoever were involved in the process. Unlike most photographs these days, these prints were not ordered from an internet printing service, but were hand developed by the photographer himself. Although modern inkjet prints can perhaps be as visually fine as the older technology, there still is, to some, a certain dimension to the silver gelatin prints lacking in the digital prints. It is with this in mind that we still prefer the art of the darkroom, and hope that you might feel the same way also. In addition, the long term stability of these prints, especially the fiber based ones, is well established in a way that is still open for the inkjets.

Enlargements from B&W were made mainly on Agfa and Ilford Multigrade fiber based double weight papers, with some earlier prints on Kodak Fine Art Elite or New Oriental Seagull FB graded papers. Enlargements from color negatives were on Kodak Panalure single weight FB or Panalure Select MW resin coated papers. As Panalure is no longer available, these photos can no longer be printed in B&W in this manner.

The Artist

Dr. Brendan Quirk is a photographer, chemist, and medical researcher currently living and working in Wisconsin. He earned BS and MS degrees from DePaul University (Chicago) in 1978 and 1989, and a PhD from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville) in 1995. Besides Wisconsin, he has also lived and worked in Riverdale IL, Chicago IL, Charlotte NC, Lisle IL, Charlottesville VA, and Durham NC. Although science has been his life; art, and specifically photography, is a strong and essential avocation for him that complements nicely the creativity of his principle daily work. Having maintained a traditional darkroom since the early 1970’s, he would like to remind the public that there is still room for and much life in the traditional photographic print!

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