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Cedarburg Mill

3701 scanThe Cedarburg Mill was built in 1855 by Frederick Hilgen and William Schroeder, founders of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Cedarburg is both artsy and touristy, and the old mill now contains shops. Even the Citgo station in the photo is now a jewelry shop. The photo was taken in September 1982 with a Ricoh Singlex TLS 35 mm SLR equipped with a 55 mm f/1.7 Prinz Auto Rexatar lens on Kodak Panatomic-X film. The negative was enlarged optically with a Beseler 23CIIXL enlarger and a 50 mm f/2.8 Rodenstock Rodagon lens on Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Double Weight Fiber Base silver gelatin photo paper. Processing was done archivally using Kodak chemistry, with a final toning with Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner, treated with hypo clearing agent, and washed in an archival washer.

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