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Sonatas IV (Triptych) - 2 Youth's Spirit Rising

The Babe stepped out of the pool just then,
Looked up at me and that was when
A moment of eternity was caught
In my mind's camera, just for me,
Along with my film for posterity.

Through the years as they go by
As memories flicker through my eyes
As timers click and shutters fly
As children grow and scenes change, they cry
“Whatever you see, it isn't I...”

“I'm 16 and old enough to drive
Old enough to date and I've
Proven to you I am grown.”

“Old enough to live alone
In an apartment on my own
In another far off place
Whatever you see, it's NOT MY FACE!”

No, my child, however old you grow to be
Whatever face you show to me
My mind looks back to the days when we
Were young, and happy, and carefree.

8204A-1 scanThis photo was taken in December of 2015 with a Minolta X-570 35 mm SLR equipped with a 50 mm f/1.7 Minolta MD lens on Ilford FP4+ film. The negative was enlarged optically with a Beseler 23CIIXL enlarger and a 50 mm f/2.8 Schneider Componon-S lens on Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Double Weight Fiber Base silver gelatin photo paper. Processing was done archivally using Kodak chemistry, with a final toning with Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner, treated with hypo clearing agent, and washed in an archival washer.

8" x 10" Print

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