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Sonatas I

Sonata is to symphony as simple nature is to dramatic landscapes...

A Pastorale

Words by Khaetidawne Quirk

Walking quickly on a brisk day,
Nearly cloudless was the sky
Took a path those lacking vision might say -
"Hmmph! Don't go there! Have you lost your mind?"
"That path goes nowhere, Leads to nothing!
There is nothing special there for you to find!"
But I could see 'The Trees Majestic' - all lined up in a row
So I took the path untouched and lovely
Where no one else deigned for to go...

Allegro non troppo

7212-1 scan 7512-1 scan
Sonatas I-1 (allegro non troppo) Sonatas I-2 (allegro non troppo)
The Path along the curved road underneath the cloudless sky
Led to beauty sweet and simple as I walked till the sun was high-
With tall grasses on the right of me - the left lined with ancient trees;
I told myself as I sat to rest - who has such lovely days as these?
Before me all the trees so tall -
Still in a line - were on a sloping hill;
7015-1 scan 6916-1 scan
Sonatas I-3 (allegro non troppo) Sonatas I-4 (allegro non troppo)
Beyond it I saw a clearing with a house so small
I found it beautiful, serene, and still
I knew I'd find peace where simple nature abounds
Wanting more - I knew I had to just turn around -
I looked back to see glorious river rocks on display
Reflections of ancient trees as I go on my way...
7023-1 scan  
Sonatas I-5 (allegro non troppo)  
Till I come to a place so refined I can't stay,
Though still lovely and bright on this glorious day -
I turn back for simple nature to dream and pass time away...


7204-1 scan 7202-1 scan
Sonatas I-6 (adagio) Sonatas I-7 (adagio)
I find a path into nature as if it leads to a dream Lined by more kinds of wildflowers than I've ever seen
7219-1 scan 7004-1 scan
Sonatas I-8 (adagio) Sonatas I-9 (adagio)
In seclusion 'neath the sunshine with trees all around -
Reflecting in the cool water of the pool that I found -
At last I knew what it meant long long ago
To feel I was the first one to come to this place no one has been to
This place that 'No One Else Can Know'....
Reluctantly, I left 'The Hidden Pool' and on the path again
I came upon an ancient tree - It's beauty was quite plain
Surrounded by wild flowers, the nearby river sang with glee
I can't describe the ' Natural Magic' or 'The Quiet Majesty'
7711-1 scan 7218-1 scan
Sonatas I-10 (adagio) Sonatas I-11 (adagio)
Turning toward the forest side instead of toward the River Wide
To name each wild flower - how I tried
Though I found I could name every tree
Before I'd leave this fantasy...
Back toward the river in the sun before this part of my journey's done
I saw ahead, at the river's bend another path ahead of me
The air was nice and the day was young
I would go on the path - to see what I would see...


7011-1 scan 7203-1 scan
Sonatas I-12 (scherzo) Sonatas I-13 (scherzo)
The river narrowed at the end,
There was a hidden curve at the river's bend -
The path I clearly saw in the distance there
Was the right path to take - I found such wonders rare!
First I came upon a huge unusual tree
If 'twere in Ireland - they'd say "For sure 'twas where all the fairies be"
It was covered with wild flowers of every kind
Especially the ones that like to climb...
7005-1 scan 7007-1 scan
Sonatas I-14 (scherzo) Sonatas I-15 (scherzo)
Speaking of climbing - I went up top
Carefully - I didn't want to drop
I saw the river when I looked down
I looked for other pathways turning all around...
A little tree bare of leaves stood down right next to the river bank
Thought I saw a creature lurking in the pond
But knew it was a log or a plank...
7010-1 scan 7719-1 scan
Sonatas I-16 (scherzo) Sonatas I-17 (scherzo)
The would be ‘Alligator' was - (as I thought) a log -
With a couple of turtles resting happily -
Unlike the very loud, very little, Big Mouthed Frog
Who sings every night to announce,
"Hi there, froggie ladies! I have a great big pond
Won't cha come raise tadpoles here with me!"
Looking down the river after
Thinking of the 'Big Mouthed Little Frog'
I thought I'd go on down the path
Just the beaver's great big pile of logs,
Onward past the beaver dam and log pile
I go forth with a smile ...

Allegro con moto

7718-1 scan 7009-1 scan
Sonatas I-18 (allegro con moto) Sonatas I-19 (allegro con moto)
The path is waiting in the sun
The day is bright my journey nearly done
The Tree at this last crossroad in the woods
Holds nature splendid and divine
Straight from the hand of our Creator to behold by all mankind
There's a river there behind me, laughing merrily
It's beyond my comprehension to think people cannot see
It's beauty or it's majesty in its simplicity -
That the sunshine on the water all alone is a spark of magic
And a gift we should let be...
7519-1 scan 7111-1 scan
Sonatas I-20 (allegro con moto) Sonatas I-21 (allegro con moto)
Beyond these trees, a family has a house filled with love, and they
Understand what I am speaking of - they see the river every day
The tree lined river framed by 'Lacey Leaves' makes a sight to please
As little boys go fishing or paddle boating, every summer as they may
The little ones have their own tree house –
They have picnics - sights like these
Remind me of Tom and Huckleberry
And their endless summer days of joy and ease...
6919-1 scan 7105-1 scan
Sonatas I-22 (allegro con moto) Sonatas I-23 (allegro con moto)
Beneath a shady tree, on a breezy warm day we
Might sit and play guitars together, just my wife and me
Out of the blazing sun, until day's nearly done, we two will sing
Those are the best times - times worth remembering...
And now you see through ‘Leaves of Lace’
That frame the peaceful river with such grace -
7201-1 scan  
Sonatas I-24 (allegro con moto)  
The sun is growing lower now and the path to home I face
I know it's time for me to go - I feel the tug - I know -
My lonely love now calls - I gather all my things to go
Before the darkness falls.

Copyright © 2018 Brendan J. Quirk