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Sonatas II

A Long Walk on a Well Remembered Trail

A Journey

Words by Khaetidawne and Brendan Quirk

All seekers know - there are things to find -
For they who can see with an open mind;
Gifted seekers who with full thought do seek
For images of light, or of dark and deep

They will understand - they will more than see
As they journey through this trail with me
They'll see how Black and White can be true
When it shows them the truth in my view


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Sonatas II-1 (adagio) Sonatas II-2 (adagio)
On a walk through the forest on a humid day
Through the misty woods I wend my way
Then it's up the stony stairs I climb
Up onto the path when what do I find?
Nature in all its glory rare -
Nature in such abundance there!
It was a forest path, I was not surprised
To find boulders and trees of every size
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Sonatas II-3 (adagio) Sonatas II-4 (adagio)
Textures and shadows met along the trail
That show signs of destruction by wind, rain and hail;
Trees that had fallen or tipped to their sides,
Some still rooted and bending to the sky
As I turned round the path - to walk into the light
Beneath the large cliff - toward the theater so bright
Passing through flora that reached for the sun-
My journey through the wood is well begun
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Sonatas II-5 (adagio) Sonatas II-6 (adagio)
A ravine on the side as I walk through the wood
Helps me understand Nature’s changes are good
Shows me darkness and shadow; nature grown wild
This unfettered growth in the woods brings a smile
As I step from the woodland trail into the light
Leaving the forested wood on my right
For a brief interlude in the light and illumination
Along the new path, and without hesitation
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Sonatas II-7 (adagio) Sonatas II-8 (adagio)
On this path I walk ‘mongst shadows and light
When a beam of sunshine, Oh so bright,
Flows through the trees and shines on mushrooms white
While the soil and foliage for attention fight
I’ve taken this path many times to the top
Through the mountain laurel up the hill where it drops
The path leads to the water – where the sun lights your way
So fragrant when the pink laurel blooms in the May


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Sonatas II-9 (presto) Sonatas II-10 (presto)
Through the long walk I gained many insights -
How trees may fall, or reach for the light;
Trees growing together, as many as three,
Holding up weaker comrades in the sky above me
This turn in the path - reflecting the light
Is peaceful and quiet - both dark and bright
Focused and left for your own mind to see
Many mysteries, only the gifted can perceive
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Sonatas II-11 (presto) Sonatas II-12 (presto)
This lovely pool then beckoned me;
The shaded cave; the lace edged tree;
The layered rocks - their history bent
On telling tales in sediments
They are gifted who climb these stairs
Who feel what I feel in the air
Who understand what I hold dear -
Why I find pleasure when I'm here
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Sonatas II-13 (presto) Sonatas II-14 (presto)
Peering through mighty walls into the glow
Of a way filled with sunlight and paths I used to know
So well, when I walked it in my younger days
Before Nature’s rearrangements rerouted the way
Triangular shapes between boulders let light
Through with a view to a pathway so bright
Where grasses are glowing as are stones great and small
Those who can see will greet Nature's gifts to us all
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Sonatas II-15 (presto) Sonatas II-16 (presto)
Swirling water is lit by the glow of the sun
As it rushes past glistening rocks as it runs
Hissing and spitting as it goes roaring through
Till it reaches calm places where dream walkers view
Through a cave like a tent, we gain a new view -
Now bathed in light, we see water once washed through
In the mist of the day – it all glows in my mind
What wonders will Nature form next for us to find?
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Sonatas II-17 (presto) Sonatas II-18 (presto)
Rushing water swirls below
Fed by falls that quickly flow
Surging, rushing, water flies
Silver, white, makes rainbow skies
Long ago, water carved these rocks with a fall
Snows and glaciers flattened these rocks one and all
Pressing and moving and shifting them down
Making places of beauty for when we come around
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Sonatas II-19 (presto)  
The rocks and the boulders set aglow with such light!
Reflected in the still water and glistening bright;
The bright glowing light is a marvel to me
Seen from the woodlands where seekers may be


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Sonatas II-20 (andante) Sonatas II-21 (andante)
Here I ascend the stone cliff on the right
The trail leads away from the river so bright,
With its running waters singing merry chorus;
I enter the trails of the quiet dark forest
The rock wall in this quiet place
Has a turtle head and face
Sunbeams through trees lit its features so
I’d see them in the evening glow
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Sonatas II-22 (andante) Sonatas II-23 (andante)
The glowing light lit up for me
One solitary spindly tree
Glorious - though all alone
Happy in its leafless bones
The old bench, sitting forlorn on the pavestones there
Is worn and ragged with age and with wear
Once it was elegant in its rough rustic way
All clean and new back in its “Good Old Days”
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Sonatas II-24 (andante)  
These are the stairs that end the trail
That end this long walk; that end this tale
This day of walking midst shadow and light
Of seeking and finding whatever we might

Along all the pathways that Nature has made -
Among the boulders, the trees, the glorious rays
The shadows, the falls, the hidden delights
Nature's pleasure and tragedy - her joys and her plights

Copyright © 2023 Brendan J. Quirk