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Sonatas VII

The Faerie Dance Sonata

Words by Khaetidawne Quirk


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Sonatas VII-1 (Allegretto) Sonatas VII-2 (Allegretto)
In Cumberland Falls in the bright morning light
On my woodland walk I was met by faeries and sprites.
Round the forest trees faeries took wing in my sight;
Midst the leaves and branches and rocks - they took flight!
Decorating all Natures' splendor and glory so bright
For the “Ball of Fae Folk” that would take place that night!
Then - a gust of wind, "Turn around!", faeries cried;
I spun round about twice - then the gusty wind died.
How I searched for the scene that first I'd espied -
Alas! That scene had passed on - a new scene met my eyes!
A different “Faerie Tree” seemed before me to rise
It was hollow and broken - but to all “Royal Fae” what a prize!
To the faeries it was the most glorious tower;
A “Grand Faerie Castle” with a fair faerie bower;
Surrounded with faerie gardens each filled with every fae faerie flower...
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Sonatas VII-3 (Allegretto) Sonatas VII-4 (Allegretto)
I blinked to awake from my reverie,
I must have slept, what do I see?
I quickly tread without delay
I let the Fae Folk lead the way!
Faeries flying and singing so rapidly they
Begin to fuse together; multiplying they play!
Dancing and singing to wild music all day
Till in my sight and my senses they form a “Forest Monet”!
The Faeries laugh at me; they fly!
"Oh! How silly! Close your eyes!", they cry.
Mocking my comparison, they lead me toward a hilly place,
Then a hundred faeries pull the blindfold from my face.
Oh! What rays of light I see!
Upon the ground - two loving trees
Embracing in their final dance,
While in the center - two other trees find loving romance.
Standing before me - one dark and one bright,
While faeries in shadows sing dancing marking the sight.
On the side two trees in love stand straight upright
Basking in their true love there in the light,
Showing the wide world that love delights...

Dolce Capriccioso

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Sonatas VII-5 (Dolce Capriccioso) Sonatas VII-6 (Dolce Capriccioso)
"Love does delight," the faeries say "Until your love takes love away."
One Faerie stands on a branch on high,
Another to the dark tree doth fly.
With arms outstretched to cast a spell,
"Love not the light tree alone - do tell."
The Faerie spell is cast by two;
Then three, then four, say "I cast with you."
“L” – “O” – “V”' – “E” appears up in the air,
Then Love's not there.
For Love in letters has been cast down,
The broken letters lie on the ground.
The white tree pines, "Oh! how unfair -
Only faeries dancing dot the air.
Silly people see Monet almost anywhere,
I wonder will they chance to hear
Sonatas with a faerie's ear?"
Till the white tree, pining, says a prayer
As the faeries dancing watch the stars up there.
While the white tree prayed, the night birds sang,
The lover trees joined her prayer, and the song
To Holy God in the skies and all Heaven rang!
Then all of the flowers in the dew;
All of the faeries dancing in the white mist too;
All of the flora and fauna that had wisps that blew;
Joined the prayer of the white tree pining
For the love she once knew.
"Let the warm sun shine on us to renew
Our strength and our love, Lord in Heaven are you!
Give us light - give us hope - our love is true."
Then a cloud blocked the sun, and the dance was done.
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Sonatas VII-7 (Dolce Capriccioso) Sonatas VII-8 (Dolce Capriccioso)
"Twas the last noon dance of Solstice of this summer's year!",
A faerie chattered, scolding, "We're running out of time, you hear?
There are many things, my dear that you will want to see!"
The faerie and her woodland band compelled and pull-ed me
Along an unknown trail until we came upon Some fallen faerie trees...
The trees were bathed in sunlight, in a reflective pool,
Where faeries flew and danced on treetops,
Sprites and mermaids played in waters crystalline and cool.
I saw a crescent moon of sunbeams ripple,
Shining like a pearl and jeweled tiara
Floating toward a faerie waiting for her true love -
Not a love that is fickle.
Did my eyes play tricks on me?
"No! You silly, we have given you the gift today to see!
You silly - you can see us and you hear the music too!
Today you have the gift of seekers,
Those who see your pictures
May receive it too."
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Sonatas VII-9 (Dolce Capriccioso)  
On the edge of the pool, where the water reflects the light
There is a rocky ledge - where dive the bravest of the sprites.
Where the spring leaves reflect in the pool in twilights lazy haze,
Sunsets' bright lights refract along some of the rocks
Making glorious crystalline rays.
I stood entranced amid nature’s songs
Watching faeries dancing, sprites darting, such play!

Grandioso con Molt'Espressione

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Sonatas VII-10 (Grandioso con Molt'Espressione)  Sonatas VII-11 (Grandioso con Molt'Espressione) 
"Come Away! Turn About! Come! Follow me!",
I heard a low musical voice calling, enticing.
I had to go, had to follow, who could it be?
"Come now," it entreated, "Won't you come, look and see?"
I could not resist, I followed the song
A trail met my eyes and I, quick, sped along!
A rocky creature in disguise
On a cliffside met my eyes.
Singing wisdom low and deep
Faeries darting as he'd speak;
In the light trickling down - through the treetops to the ground.
Left to right faeries bound - singing faerie songs - what a sound!
"The trail you seek starts here - you needn't fear,"
The stony creature's voice was clear.
"You must be welcome if you can hear me,"
The stony creature spoke again, "It's a friend in you they see.”
“You're invited to the faerie wood - to enjoy the faerie ways,
To hear their songs, see The Faerie Dance.
To enjoy the fae music, to watch the faerie plays.
You'll see the faerie flowers bloom and fade.
You shall see the faerie babes be born,
Then you shall be witness while the old ones teach
The young ones 'fore the morn!"
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Sonatas VII-12 (Grandioso con Molt'Espressione)  Sonatas VII-13 (Grandioso con Molt'Espressione) 
I stepped quite close to the creature made of stone as I went by
As I passed, the creature winked at me with his great stony eye.
He gave a little, merry laugh - which wrinkled up his nose,
"You're a fellow who is wise and good," said he,
"But I venture to suppose
You did not believe in faeries, sprites,
Or folk like me before today."
I told the stone face he was right
Before I went along on my way.
But as I took a step or two away from that great stone,
I heard the hard face laugh again, to say
"You'll tell this story when you get back home.
You'll tell this story to your little girls
With golden hair so bright,
and a little boy, whom trains do delight,
You'll tell them of this faerie flight!
When I looked back, his eye was closed –
As though he were asleep.
His eye sported jagged lashes
A broken tree stood splintered on his cheek
While vines of hair spilled o'er his brow.
How peacefully he slept just now -
He who had welcomed me with song
To bid me, "Join the faerie throng,"
To show me how to find the trails.
He sent me on my way in “faerie peace”
Now he hides contentedly disguised as a wall of stone
In silent sleep...
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Sonatas VII-14 (Grandioso con Molt'Espressione)  Sonatas VII-15 (Grandioso con Molt'Espressione) 
Around the rocks I followed then
A band of faeries round the bend -
Into a woodland faerie clearing
Amid ascending swirls of leaves and light
Their joyful songs I'm hearing!
In the last bright rays of light
The sun descends - Oh! See them fly!
Faeries dancing with leaves whirling,
Winding, flying toward the sky!
Swooping, flashing in the sunset
Clearing branches, trunks of trees,
Every color catches light in bright crescendos endlessly.
Silver flickers on the ground
Sparks of gold and copper all around
I stood in wonder at what I'd found -
At what I'd been allowed to see.
The thoughtless see a forest trail, some trees,
They miss the music; the light; the songs;
They see no magic at all -
They'll think I got it wrong...
I stayed the night to watch the dance
The moonlight shadows did entrance.
I saw the wonders of the dark of night;
The moon brought indescribable delights.
Alas! Now too dim for shutters to capture, whether fast or slow,
I knew at once - 'twould be disaster.
I'd have to let it go.
So I stayed to watch with human eyes -
The Faerie Ball - I memorized.
At morning light they led me here,
To a faerie bower near a pool so clear.
Beside a trail on which I travelled to home,
Seekers may see faerie shadows upon the stones.
Bidding me, “Farewell till you come again!”
For faeries welcome all visitors who can see them.
I fear some may not believe what I say is true
But those who see with seeker’s eyes
Will see the things I do.

Copyright © 2020 Brendan J. Quirk