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Sonatas IV (Triptych) Youth's Spirit Rising

Words by Khaetidawne Quirk

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Sonatas IV-1 Sonatas IV-2
Time passes, shutters flicker fly
As we see through the viewer’s eye
Down the path of silver light
Where a child is playing in the puddle so bright.

Splashing while running from the wood
Toward trees of light where fairies could
Be flitting by in the trees with water sprites
Where she looks up from the pool of light...

Time so quickly passes by
I didn't realize how it caught my eye,
Or my heart, the shutter clicked
In a beat and that was it!
The Babe stepped out of the pool just then,
Looked up at me and that was when
A moment of eternity was caught
In my mind's camera, just for me,
Along with my film for posterity.

Through the years as they go by
As memories flicker through my eyes
As timers click and shutters fly
As children grow and scenes change, they cry
“Whatever you see, it isn't I...”

“I'm 16 and old enough to drive
Old enough to date and I've
Proven to you I am grown.”

“Old enough to live alone
In an apartment on my own
In another far off place
Whatever you see, it's NOT MY FACE!”

No, my child, however old you grow to be
Whatever face you show to me
My mind looks back to the days when we
Were young, and happy, and carefree.
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Sonatas IV-3  
The circle ever changes - for Love is divine;
The pictures are immortal - they'll be remade in time...
I've seen your picture remade - as it will ever be -
The day your little daughter came running to me;
Stepping out of the pool, lovely as you were at two and at three!

So like you in form, in beauty, sweetness and grace
I still see you at that age, and now she has your face!
She has toddled - smiling up that same path with affection
To look up from time's eternal reflection.

That's how it's done, the mind’s camera molds
An eternal picture of our progenies souls.
To stay in our hearts, and that's how they'll always be
In our minds for a lifetime, that's the picture we'll see.

Copyright © 2019 Brendan J. Quirk