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Sonatas XI

Faerie Dance - Revisited

Words by Khaetidawne and Brendan Quirk


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Sonatas XI-1 (Meeting) Sonatas XI-2 (Meeting)
Still early in the morning, before breakfast and ‘fore we all start our way
To the places where Rock Face directs me to take the little ones today
When we go walking through the forest trails I’ve often journeyed on
Trails I’ve wandered with my family, friends, forest spirits, Khaetidawne...

I thought I would retrace the steps I took when led that day -
The day when Rock Face spoke to me - translating for the Fae.

Thus, I sat at the trailside near the hewn trees where the ‘road’ was wide

There along the fragrant trail I’d wait for the wisdom Rock Face would not hide
Rock Face would show which way to go, a gentle way, whether fast or slow,
Along rocky paths or forest floor, or watery ways, Rock Face would know.
As though in prayer, I sat awhile - there at the forest’s door
Wondering, “What will Rock Face tell me once he thinks for a while
And returns with a trail for small feet yet unsure.”

I ponder, “What will Rock Face tell me of - Will I like a trail such as this?
Or will I beg, ‘Please, give us more’, like Oliver Twist?”

Or should I beg to take my second trip alone along the Faerie Trail to see
Just what would be the easiest path to journey on -
For when the grandchildren come with me.

As the Rock Face had predicted, the children loved the tale
They loved hearing how I’d seen the Faeries dance; how I’d walked the Faeries’ trail
My wife and daughter had read the account to them of my most wondrous day;
Of all that I’d seen and experienced of the magic of the Fae.
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Sonatas XI-3 (Meeting) Sonatas XI-4 (Meeting)
Being children, they’d embraced it all;
Accepted it; they’d heard the call.
They played the games of the Faerie Kind!
Children have a natural ‘Seeker’s Mind.’

I smiled then, at the memory -
Of the first time they’d played ‘Faerie Dance’ with me
I hadn’t realized what they were saying -
Till my wife said, “It’s ‘Faerie Dance’ they are playing!”

I had to suppress a laugh - but never the smile -
For a short time - again - with all of them - I was a child!
I asked, “Where are we going? Are we walking for miles?”
“Uppo! Uppo!” called the smallest girl, (I carried her for a while).

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked.
I replied, “It’s my pleasure”
Every one of them is my treasure...
A step upon some twigs and leaves awoke me from my reverie -
Four strangers and my wife at the forest’s entrance - near the Faerie Tree -
Khaetidawne came ahead of the four, in a soft quiet way,
She smiled at the strangers, took my hand whispering, “I have something to say.”

To the four curious strangers she smiled, “I’ll bring him right back!”
To me she whispered, “They’re not Seekers! They’re Doubters!
But I think I’ve got them on track.”

With a smile over her shoulder she pulled me toward the swing
The four ‘Doubters’ were frowning and grinning at us - one was laughing
“Come out of the forest! Come with me, by the swing!
“I have something I must tell you! It’s important - this thing!”

“They are Non-Believers,” Khaetidawne revealed in hurt and hushed tones,
“Some of them are Sarcastic Non-Seekers, I can feel it in my bones”
She shot a look at the ‘Non-Seekers’, and told me, “wish they’d go home!”

I looked at the four, and they looked back at me. I tried to hold back my grin
(Khaetidawne was in protective mode, much to my chagrin)
To them I asked, “Well, You’ve read my book; seen my pictures; what did you see?”
I smiled at them uneasily - whatever would their answers be?
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Sonatas XI-5 (Meeting) Sonatas XI-6 (Meeting)
Composed again, Khaetidawne decided it was time for us to formally meet
All smiles, she turned on ‘Southern Charm’ to please the ‘guests’ she was to greet...
“We have an architect; and you are a professional athlete,” she said from her seat
He said, “Well, yes, I used to play ball, I race cars now, it’s sweet!”

“I’m so sorry I got it wrong!” blushing, Khaetidawne said
The race driver oiled his way over and preened,
“Oh my, now don’t worry your poor little head!
I can’t expect a lady to know about the sports scene.”

The woman with the hiking pack was a high powered attorney;
Loudly she introduced herself while defending Khaetidawne
“Don’t you dare insult our hostess, and just before our journey,
As a highly placed lawyer, I demand your comment be withdrawn!”

Khaetidawne, blushing, said nothing, as the attorney,
Realizing her overbearing mistake, quietly went to apologize
“May I sit next to you, Khaetidawne?” she asked, and with a nod,
Khaetidawne moved over to make room for her new friend and sighed.

“Well, who are you, with all of the camera and video equipment?”
Khaetidawne and Brendan asked the last of the four
The young man gave no name but told them of his digital photography,
Sound recording, and high tech video work.

“My videography is really cutting-edge! Much more than any hobbyist
This state of the art audio gear is absolutely great
These microphones will capture their voices if your Faeries truly do exist,
When they speak, it’ll be soooo cool! I can’t wait!”
Of all the skeptics that had sought me out that day
The Videographer really was the one who had the most to say
He said, “Not that I truly believe in this whole Faerie thing -
Or your chat with that dude, Rock Face. Was he once some kind of King?”

He frowned at my film camera, “By the way, shooting black & white in this space?
In this beautiful green forest? Why, it’s so out of place!”

“I mean, look at this forest. It’s so bright and with so many shades of green!
Look at the browns and yellows, the shadows, light and dark, contrasts,
Trees, leaves, flowers, rocks, water, clouds, all to be seen
There’s so much more you could do with color! Or with digital effects!”
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Sonatas XI-7 (Meeting) Sonatas XI-8 (Meeting)
“Think of what you could do with these sights!
I just can’t believe you’re using black and white!”
While Video Guy had his tantrum and carried on
I welcomed the pack filled with drinks from Khaetidawne.

Khaetidawne smiled at his antics - the attorney did too
Khaetidawne said, “I’m sorry, I must take your extra ‘baggage’ from you
But you’ll be quite grateful by the time you’re halfway to the top
If you go lugging all of this stuff, you certainly will drop!”

I told them all she was right, they’d carried too much,
They’d worn the wrong clothes, and had the wrong ‘stuff’
She fiddled with their ‘gear’, and was quite doting
“I fixed it!” my wife laughed “Now, get going!”

We left – only to hear her shout
“Stop! Where do you think you are going?”
I asked, “Is there something amiss?”
she answered – “You’re not going anywhere till I get my kiss”...
One kiss and a bit later, off we went, on we go
“Did you really see Faeries?” they all wanted to know...
“Where’s the Rock Face who told you where the Faeries flew?
Will we get to see that Rock Face too?”

“Will Rock Face speak to us so we too can see?”
They ask together – not one of them has the ‘Seeker’s Trust’
They have not the spirit yet to just simply ‘be’
So to educate them in this matter I must.

It seemed I had to explain to them with plain simple grace -
About the awe and respect that all Seekers inherently have
for any natural or historical place...

All the places where the Rock Face might possibly be
Or Faeries or sprites or any such natural thing
Where the spirit is moved, and our joy they do bring
Where nature reads our soul, and hears our plea.

Of course, the four weren’t ready, so early on our journey,
To understand about Seekers, or believe in Rock Face
Perhaps as we pursue or mission throughout this day
I can guide their spiritual path with love and grace.

“The best I can hope for is that you’ll listen to me
And when you are ready, you’ll come to believe
Rock Face will call you then, and you’ll hear his voice
You will be ready to follow, you will have made the choice.”
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Sonatas XI-9 (Meeting) Sonatas XI-10 (Meeting)
“The Rock Face moves about wherever rocks or boulders may be
I’ve met Rock Face on the ground on huge flattened shelves,
Or long fallen cliffs half buried and looking up at me,
In stony edged walls, however deep in the forest you delve.”

I was talking to myself as I walked about the forest, leading the way
They were listening to me, and all I had to say
“Is that you, Rock Face? With your eyes shut up so tight?
Did I step on your face? Are you alright?”

My questions, when heard, were met with a groan
The four bristled, then I heard tech guy exclaim,
“If he answers you, I’ll get him on my microphone
I’m certain it’ll pick up his voice, that is my aim.”
I smiled at that, and glanced toward what I’d found
‘Twas Rock Face, grinning at me, up from the ground
I couldn’t be certain, for he was so quickly gone
Though not before he made a sarcastic sound.

I laughed as I looked at the tech guy busy at his task
He inquired excitedly, “Was Rock Face very near?”
He looked so innocently hopeful, as he quietly asked,
“Should I rewind the sound, so we can try to hear?”

The Attorney said, “Yes, please! If he’s near, do tell us where!
We desperately want to know! That’s why we came to you here”
Her hope was so full of childish wonder, and her head seemed to spin
I proceeded to tell her about Rock Face’s impish nature and his perpetual grin.

The others weren’t so sure; they thought I was an eccentric liar
“Let me defend myself! There is much to share with all of you!”
I began to explain, “You must all of you believe in being a Seeker,
If you want to meet Rock Face and know that these mysteries are true.”

The Awakening

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Sonatas XI-11 (The Awakening) Sonatas XI-12 (The Awakening)
“There are many cliffs where Rock Face has looked out at me,”
I told them all then - met by four smiles of glee
“Rock Face gives wisdom from ridges; places too high for the best climbers to be,
But with care, you can hear his voice on the wind and in the trees.”

Once more, Tech Guy told all of us, “I’m pretty sure, my sensitive mics -
Just might - get Rock Face’s voice to record, I’ll get him on this hike!”

I saw Rock Face in the distance; heard him chuckle at that
Rock Face moved to his forest floor spot - grinned, then went flat
Rock Face winked, and whispered, “You all should have a care!”
Then he laughed, “Those are pretty rough rocks up there!”
I point, “See that crack in the rock made over time?
I’ve shown all of you through to a clearing after our climb
Now, a song in the leaves rustles in the soft fragrant wind.”

“The breeze blown Faerie spells playfully write the words –
So lovely and lively - even readable - but then heave them ‘round again
You can, if you look closely, decipher them - on a Seekers whim”
The Attorney, delighted, excitedly took pictures just then.

She gushed “I’m quite certain I saw a few Faeries this time”
The Race Car Driver mockingly laughed at her and said,
“You – I think, have been drinking a little too much wine!”...

The Tech Guy said, “Well, the words were there at least
I saw the writing myself, that part was really true!”
Just then a low branch smacked the Race Car Driver’s head
Delivered with a great thwack, (sent by a passing Faerie Crew).
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Sonatas XI-13 (The Awakening) Sonatas XI-14 (The Awakening)
The Race Car Driver looked down at his feet
The ground laughed too; the Fae are not discreet!
A smiling branch was now on display -
“It was probably placed there by the Fae!”

After his close encounter with the forest floor
I invited our Race Car Driver to ponder his demeanor
Spiteful digs at others are a sign of a boor
I instructed all of them to avoid the slurs.

“The spirits and the Faeries may be ethereal
But they demand you show respect
They will not tolerate hateful words
Be nice or you too will be decked.”
I gave them a look as I took them through a brushy trail
Knowing we all heard the Fae voices calling throughout the vale
The sun was bright and we felt carefree
Then I heard the Rock Face calling me.

Before us lay a fallen tree, the Fae were flying all around
For our new Seekers - much was to be found!
Rae Anne, the Attorney, took out everything
Paper, pen and her myriad camera things.

“I see the Faeries flying now!” she said, excitedly
Race Car Driver, Beau, said, “flying leaves; you can’t fool me”
Tech Guy Cecil scolded and gave him a frown,
“You’re only just trying to bring us all down!”

The Architect finally spoke up, sighed, and scowled like a crow,
“It was foolish to come with so many non-creative people in tow”
We turned in amazement toward Dwade, who hadn’t said much till then,
He took some pictures, skeptical and distant, not yet a friend.
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Sonatas XI-15 (The Awakening) Sonatas XI-16 (The Awakening)
I wouldn’t say an attorney is particularly whimsical,” Rae Anne said to me
I laughed with her assessment saying, “I really must agree!”
Beau snorted, “But you wrote the Faerie book,” he said excitedly
“Well, Beau, you race, Cecil is deep into tech, and I have a PhD in Chemistry.”

“I must admit, none of us except Dwade seems to be too creative
Yet all of us have, down inside, that spark from youth
We are born ‘Seekers’, only to lose it as we struggle to live
Our goal here is to regain the spirit and see the truth.”

At that announcement, the trail before us swirled with Fae for all to see
“Whimsy doesn’t matter,” I told the four new Seekers in the wood,
“A soul with an open mind and heart is what each of us should be
One that seeks with all the hope and faith it can for what is good”...
“Come now,” I say, “they’ll lead the way to Rock Face - follow me!
Now gather your things, on feet with wings, for we must go speedily”
“At least, that’s what these Faeries say,” Rae Anne echoes me
Her voice suffused with wonder, filled with joyous glee –

Cecil, in sarcastic form, or maybe teasing play, says
“Oh, so now whimsical Rae knows what Faeries say?”
His barbed voice so filled with snark or doubt, until
A stray breeze filled with leaves in his face does smack and spill.

Then, running after me, the four and I by Rock Face land -
Beside him in the cliff two more faces stand
Faces that my earlier pictures never saw
“I think his mouth is different,” Cecil whispers then, in awe.

“Why are you whispering? He hears everything
And don’t cower! The Rock Face is all knowing
He can easily read your mind, heart and soul
You cannot fool Rock Face at all, for he is so very old.”

The Rock Face laughed and sent us on, but he only spoke to me
They heard his laughter, saw his face move, when he said:
“Someone else will talk with them, they’ll hear and learn and see.”

“Why not you?” I ask Rock Face, “I really thought you would”
Rock Face laughed again and said, “Believe me, this is something good”
He said, “They will catch on as they see, and they’ll learn as they should.”
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Sonatas XI-17 (The Awakening) Sonatas XI-18 (The Awakening)
I heard the Faerie voices then, so loud behind me singing -
I turned, for Rock Face rolled his eyes when the Fae bells started ringing
Up in the sky among the tree tops and in the rocks there high above me
I thought I heard a Faerie shout, “Rock Face! Don’t let him shove me!”

I turned about to ask Rock Face if he was playing referee
To the youngest of the Faeries there playing so carefree
But when I’d turned, he’d disappeared, the light behind his eyes had gone
I gathered up the Seekers four and told them we must carry on.

We followed the Faerie voices then - though disgruntled were the men
Till in a clearing we came to a sapling growing out of a stone
And there I saw a small Rock Face and I heard him moan –
“These men are indignant for what they did not get to do
Even the hewn trees have complained about these fellows too
Why - they groan - they only saw my face move, just my laugh they heard
They protest loudly and are bitter that they heard not my words.”

“So to punish me and my forest they stomp through and cause pain
Destroying my beautiful forest as a way to complain!
They kick my shoots of grass and mushrooms, baby twigs, and pretty stones
All those young fellows do is growl and kick, stamp, and moan!”

“If they were quiet, perhaps they would hear my voice,
If they’d look they would see; that should be their choice
If they’d just look for something good, think how happy they’d be
Then they could be Seekers. Then they could come to me.”

Rae Anne exclaimed, “You're right! Over there! Just look - Oh! I see!”
She went toward the tree in the stone to talk to it with glee,
“I can actually hear you! Sir! Oh, sir, do you hear me?”

Rock Face laughed behind her, and Rae Anne turned around,
“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll locate you. You must be found”
Rock Face chuckled, “I can go to any rock, distance is no bar
Stay where you are, I’ll be there in an instant. I am not far.”

He told Rae Anne “The Fae say they like you just the way you are”
Which meant that Rae Anne was a good Seeker, she was on their par
She had an eye for seeking out things that were precious and good
She’d find things that should be cared for; and therefore she would.
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Sonatas XI-19 (The Awakening) Sonatas XI-20 (The Awakening)
We walked on a wee bit more, with Rae Anne smiling and stunned
We all knew she’d heard Rock Face, I’d heard him too,
I said, “It’s real, thank Heaven the teasing is done.”

They knew I would brook no more foolishness then,
“No more complaining or stamping ‘round either,
Only open minds work here, men.”

Dwade said, “That makes sense,” and the other two fell into line
I found we hadn’t gone far nor passed too much time.

Then Rock Face turned his attention toward Cecil in play
Cecil with his videos and photoshop and so much to say
Rock Face wasn’t mean or sarcastic, his stony heart wasn’t in it
Though I think, after years of young hikers, he’s become a great mimic.

Cecil was sarcastic and a buffoon - Beau was the jerk
Rock Face knew the difference; he’d make his lesson work
“Well, do you hear me now, my young video magician?”
Rock Face shot a breath at his hair as Cecil said, “Uh, I’m a technician.”
Rae Anne giggled, “Cecil! He blew a Faerie off your head,
You didn’t see it, but she was about to pull your hair!”
The Faerie scolded, “Admonish Rock Face! He should not dare!”

Rock Face laughed and blew away more vengeful Fae
“I’ll teach them manners myself, my children, I say!
Men are younger, these silly ones, don’t you know
Younger, but bigger, humans surely do grow.”

The Faerie softly jabbered in Fae speech to Rock Face
Rock Face laughed and spoke back - his words quick - like a race
“The Fae are inviting you all over that way to the Faerie Tree
It’s down that trail just ahead. Oh! what sights you will see!”

“Don’t go yet, You all must wait”
The guide got a nod from Rock Face with his stony pate,
“He’ll lead the way, for he knows
He’s been there before, he sees which way to go.”

“There are things I must tell you - now that you hear me too -
You’d better get your worldly cynicism under control
Or the only parts of the magic you’ll find are goblins and trolls,
The dark magic that robs the light from your soul.

“You’d best find the goodness in the people and things that you view”
Then Cecil said, “We hear you and the Fae now. You know that we do”
Rock Face chided, “Let the sarcasm leave you and you’ll see what is true,
‘Till then, let Brendan lead you, and the quiet Dwade too.”  


13807-1 scan 13626-1 scan
Sonatas XI-21 (Enlightenment) Sonatas XI-22 (Enlightenment)
Sensing this was my time - I said, “The Fae will show me the way,
We’ll all follow together, where they led me on that day”
“Why did they lead you? And how did they, before you understood?”
I told them, “It was because I already believed when I entered the wood.”

“You believed in Faeries?” Dwade scoffed and laughed at me,
“I believed in the woods, and I hear and I see
With the eyes of a Seeker what is shown to me.”

“I search with faith and with reason for all that is and has been
That is why I find many things that aren’t readily seen”
Beau said, “Oh, whatever you think that means”
But Cecil said, “Look! I just filmed a cool scene!”
We journeyed o’er footpaths; past fallen trees;
Splashing brooks; little streams;
Peering thru fallen cliff rocks
That seem to make tent walls and ceiling tops.

Climbing rock trails up hills and mountains that wind
Framing beautiful pictures of nature and of Faerie-kind
That pleasure - if you are a Seeker - you surely will find
For we joyed as we passed every inch of our climb.

We passed moss covered stones;
Forest floors covered with leaves and Fae Dust
Such beauty as this we rarely are shown
We heard the Fae singing and we learned how to trust!

At a stop, the Faeries granted sleep and ease -
Were we under a Fae spell or incantation?
We all were happy then and rested
We rose unwearied and glad with elation.

Though, before we left, Rae Anne cried -
Wept over a moss covered stone she’d knelt beside
She photographed it and sobbed for a while,
Then told us, weeping like a child -

“These curious butterflies flew down
They thought they would be eating;
But they stuck fast, tightly bound,
And now they’re forever sleeping.”
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Sonatas XI-23 (Enlightenment) Sonatas XI-24 (Enlightenment)
“Don’t cry,” the Faeries consoled her then,
“For ladies’ tears disarm most men”
“Ah, yes!” he said, “Even after all these years,
“I’m still charmed by womanly tears.”

The Faeries laughed and flew about then taking Rae Anne’s hand
Said, “Come with us, see the forest flowers you will understand”
“Rock Face calls them the Flowers of God, planted by his own command”
“Yes,” said Rock Face, “The Flowers Wild were sown by His own hand.”

We saw Forests of Flowers upon which Faeries danced
Planted by God’s own hand, graced by God’s own love, not by chance!
After the Ballet, the Faeries went parading on branches
Covered with colorful blossoms so gay where they all pranced.

Brendan managed, without words, to gather the men
They collected their things and followed him then
Tripping softly and quietly with a mysterious knowing
Into the Faerie theater where Fae Folk were flitting and glowing.
We saw flowers alone, blooming bright on the Faerie Tree
In the midst of that wilderness tryst all of the Seekers were honored to see
Fae dancers and players, spell casters and all!
Warriors, mystics, rune masters, and a Grand Faerie Ball!

There at the center of the gathering they found
The reason the Fae folk had gathered all round
They were doing a charm dance, the charm dance of life
It seemed a Fae lad had won love; he was taking a wife!

This Ball was for these two - celebrating with joy
The wedding of a Fae lassie and her dear love, her Fae boy!
In awe we stood watching, the joy and romance,
Heard the songs, love, and laughter of a Fae wedding dance!

We stood entranced by the scenes that before us unfolded
The dancers, the spell makers, the Faeries that fluttered and scolded
We were so involved with this magical world so long hidden
We didn’t move to take pictures; they surely were forbidden.
14117-1 scan 14203-1 scan
Sonatas XI-25 (Enlightenment) Sonatas XI-26 (Enlightenment)
Time to go, though we were welcomed to the celebration,
We again took to the trails, leaving for our destination
Passing a stone on the path by a bridge ‘long the way
We all knew we were close to the Kingdom of the Fae.

The Fae called out, “A few more steps, good friends!
You’ll see Rock Face; we’ll guide you to see”
Their voices were enchanting, full of promises,
One entreated us, “Come now, follow me!”
We follow the Fae with the sun on their wings;
We follow the caller who enticingly sings;
All here have joined; they now see the rock King
Cecil and Beau happily perceive everything!

Rae Anne is enchanted, “I hear them, I see them, look at them fly!”
Even Dwade views the Rock Face with wonder in his doubtful eyes
“I like to meet Seekers, but doubters do make me shy,
It’s the same with the Fae,” says Rock Face with a sigh.

“They’re vindictive you know, they play tricks on the doubters
Sprites however are far worse! Sprites are meanies and meddlers”
Rock Face whispered stories of sprites’ tricks, “They even tortured me”
He explained carefully, “They just don’t know better you see.”
13826-1 scan 13932-1 scan
Sonatas XI-27 (Enlightenment) Sonatas XI-28 (Enlightenment)
“That’s why I’m doomed to the forest, to be a rock wanderer
To never stay still, to be this, well, this Rock Face thing”
The Rock Face explained, “I was truly born to be the Fae Ruler,
Not a stony faced apparition, but the true Faerie King.”

“But, because of a sprite spell, I am the Rock Face,
Fated to move round the forest rocks all over the place
I try to watch over the realms of Fae and of Man,
As a Faerie King in disgrace; but as Rock Face, I do what I can.”
“Ah, but you bear it all bravely,” sings a sweet faced Faerie Queen
Words from the forest beyond us, as with her the Faerie Folk stream
We were astounded, even Dwade was taken aback by the sight
Of all the Faerie packs swooping and flitting about in the light.

The Faeries began then to sing the Love Story
Telling of ancient Fae times and of the glory
The days of their kingdom when Rock Face was King
When Earth had one landmass and love was a magical thing!

When everyone gathered together to dine on the sweet joy of living
On the hope of better times and the daily cultivation of caring
Too much work of survival to think of fighting and hate,
When rough was the world, but love and happiness was our fate.

Humans though were harsh, for their lives were so hard
They found that progress caused them to discard
That spirit which had made them Seekers -
And life then mournfully became much bleaker.

“You have it so easy now, with so little care
You are so greedy and cruel you can’t see what is there
With no feeling, no spirit, no soul, no prayer
Those who aren’t Seekers know not how to share.”


13936-1 scan 16709-1 scan
Sonatas XI-29 (Seeking) Sonatas XI-30 (Seeking)
The Rock Face smiled at the Seekers, “Draw near; doubters too
I’ve something of great import that I need to tell to you.”

The Queen joined her Rock Face, and how the Fae flew
Rock Face and the Queen explained to all in view,
“We are granting the wisdom, the knowledge, and the truth now to you
You will hear all the words that the Fae speak; you will know it is true.”

“You will understand all the songs, know our stories and games,
Understand how we care for Nature, all the trees and their names;
Understand all of our secrets and ways for a time,
Unless you are not worthy, then you’ll have just had a fine climb.”

Then, spoke the Queen, “I’m concerned, I’ve been watching you
I must say I don’t believe that I feel all of your hearts are really true
If you aren’t true Seekers, you’ll only remember today,
That you wandered the forest and that you learned that there are Fae!”

“You’ll remember that the wonders of nature are real,
And that there is great beauty that caused you to feel
You’ll desire to preserve it, any way that you can
You’ll come to inspire all of your fellow man.”

“Someday, because you’ve seen us, you will see the light,
And you will return to us and you’ll Seek and get the sight
Late you may be, but much wiser and ready to lead,
And because you have led, many people will heed.”
Dwade said, “You are speaking to me. Tell me, what must I do?”
“Before destruction’s complete, tell them what speaks to you!
Preserve rocks, land and forests, trees, waterfalls too
Hear what wildlife and fishes are telling to you!”

“Remember the animals, the flowers, the bees
Each and every one is there for our need
Without Nature, to hold and sustain us
In a web of life, we would have little purpose.”

The group journeyed onward, The Fae voices singing
They heard the Fae songs and waterways splashing and ringing
The memory of this landscape of earth and of water
Will surely fill their hearts with joy ever after.

The Faerie Queen looked shy as she gazed out at them,
“I am worried about what comes on the wind
Foretold or unforeseen - harsh times will begin.”

“Man will destroy, callous, cruel, and evil
His hand can come down like a hammer and anvil
The only hope to keep this shadow from falling over us all
Is if a kind Human heart hears and will answer our call.”

The four in the forest were ready to hear;
They were eager to listen - they banished their fears
They stood side by side to learn what they must do
Man sought to harm Earth if the Queen’s words were true.
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Sonatas XI-31 (Seeking) Sonatas XI-32 (Seeking)
This was when we realized we were walking back down
We knew the Fae were with us - had shown us around
That we’d learned the stories of the ancient Faerie King.

How he’d been forced to become Rock Face and for eons he’d bring
Messages and wisdom and strength to travelers wise
Who were Seekers and Philosophers and saw through his disguise.

They conversed with him plainly o’er many years
They spoke of legends and laws and Seekers and Seers
Of the things that made the world grand and great
And of men and of women, and of their fate.

We came to a river where rocks had rolled during floods
Crashed down in rockslides; trees tumbled through woods
Making beautiful places for humans to be
Places to care for forever - for Humanity.

Rock Face sat on the right with his eyebrows cast down,
He said, “You know, I think I am going to sing for you now...”
The Queen asked, “What song, dear?” Rock Face just smiled,
“Perhaps a love ballad, sweet and so mild.”
Rock Face looked at the Seekers, the true Seekers and those who
His Queen said – “May not be Seekers now, but in the end they will do”
Rock Face laughed low and laughed deep, then he said, “Come along!
Follow the path and my Queen – not just yet will I sing that song.”

“You must all go along upward and soon you will find
That the forest is bountiful, for Human and Faerie-kind
Take your copious pictures for everyone to see
You can do what you will - reveal us to all of Humanity!”

Rock Face teased them then and smiled flirting
Prancing and preening in the rocks we were skirting
Posing for his wife and watching his reflection
In the sparkling water that glistened in glorious perfection!

Of course we remembered the fear we confronted just before –
But we stood now midst peaceful trees, sparkling water and more;
The sounds of Fae at forest play; of florae and fauna blooming free;
Fae and birds flying tree to tree - if you look closely you may see...
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Sonatas XI-33 (Seeking) Sonatas XI-34 (Seeking)
The higher up we climb I find –
The trees, in shadow, inspire the mind
‘Tis not just sounds of Fae we hear -
Now the sounds of waterfalls draw near!

We all hope that we shall see the falls
And move quite quickly to its call
Despite our leader’s cautions, “Please!
Have a little care midst rocks and trees!”

“Be gentle with the forest creatures too
And mind your mess as you go through!”
Then, we ‘New Seekers’ gently go,
Enjoying sights our ‘Leader’ knows.

We hear the Rock Face muffling his laughter;
As our ‘Leader’ walks, we follow after...
Beyond the trees up stones we climb
Around a cliff face in double time
We rush as quickly as we dare
To see a scene both rich and rare.

We hear the water rushing there
Beyond the next turn we shall see
The water rushing fast and free
To tumble, falling endlessly.

To make its liquid noise so bright
To splash and bubble, hit by light
From every direction – there such a sight
Each drop is cut and diamond-like.

Mankind can sully it with trash
Or pollute it all when they pass
Discard old cans; make streams grow rust
Or - to Seekers - we can our world entrust.
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Sonatas XI-35 (Seeking) Sonatas XI-36 (Seeking)
Going back down – The tumultuous rapids we see –
Quieter here beyond where water crashed so violently before
Here, the water churns and flushes in, eddying waters disagree,
Whirl and swirl before they dash against the stony shore.

This is the place for faerie gatherings
For meeting with the friendly sprites,
The mermaids and the dragonflies
And the airy Fae with wings flitting.

A refuge from progress and all of its things
Here under the rule of the Faerie King
Away from most of the ruin that Man brings
With acts that hurt, and bites that sting.
“Do you think this group believes enough to save the forest and you?”
Brendan asks the Rock Face as the Faeries go flying through
Rock Face laughs – “Oh! They believe! They see me as well as you do
The one with the video setup thinks his camera understands me too!”

“Did you see the way he was clicking at me,
And he often talks to his camera too!”
Brendan tried to explain Bluetooth to the Rock Face
But it was something he just couldn’t do.

Rock Face told Brendan to lead them all out
“Stay on the path – follow that white-haired sprite
She’s doing what I asked, waiting there for you -
Sitting under that tree up ahead just on the right.”
14209-1 scan 6713-1 scan
Sonatas XI-37 (Seeking) Sonatas XI-38 (Seeking)
Before we left – parting merrily,
He gave a fond farewell with a wink
He blew a kiss at the lawyer;
Faerie Queen was not happy, I think…

Rock Face told Cecil not to use too many filters
When shooting in the forests “Use natural light -
Mind your exposure, don’t let your whites get out of kilter
And crank up the colors when shooting at Sprites!”

He posed for the photographer for a full five minutes
But Cecil was so busy with all of his trinkets
That it took way too long to perfect his exposure
And he got only two pictures before it was over.

Rock Face laughed and said “I believe
I’d likely break your camera, and then you would grieve!”
As we walked through the trees on our way toward the end
We were happier together, we had all become friends.

He said we had to go and he left
His company he must leave us bereft
It grew late as a cold wind blew in –
Homeward we rushed to rejoin our kin.
We came into view of civilization and saw the snacks and the shops
‘Commerce’ moves on when we are gone, it never stops
Past time to be with my wife and the little ones awhile
So quietly I bid my fellow Seekers adieu with a smile.

Khaetidawne and coffee and ice cream tempting me
I heard Rock Face’s distant laugh, “Ah, the call of the goodwife -
Grandchildren begging for tales of Sprites, Faeries, and Life!”

“Tomorrow you’ll come with the children,” a thought amidst the throng
“Your daughter, she’s lovely; her husband, he’s savvy and strong
Your Khaetidawne, who sees Faeries and Angels and hears all their songs” -
My soul yearns for the journey; let’s hope the wait is not long.

Copyright © 2023 Brendan J. Quirk